Corium Z157 Moly Dry Lubricant

Corium Z157 Moly Dry Lubricant produces a fine lubricating, molecular film, inter-dispersed with a base material (molybdenum disulphide) that is virtually unaffected by very high heat or any inherent weakness of ordinary lubricants.

  • Corium Z157 superior quality "dry" formulation is based on "indestructible" molybdenum disulphide (MD) particles.
  • Corium Z157 withstands extreme temperatures – up to 1112 °F (600°C) – and severe chemical corrosion.
  • Corium Z157 eliminates harmful boundary friction and progressive loss of lubrication efficiency.

Corium Z157 is the superior molybdenum disulphide-based dry lubricant that :

  • Is extremely long lasting – it virtually never wears out!
  • Is not contaminated by foreign materials – protects and lubricates machinery, parts and components in extreme conditions.
  • Is an excellent anti-seize compound – retards the formation of gummy residues and oxides.
  • Is non-oily and will not attract dust particles.
  • Is economical and easy to apply – available in handy aerosol form.

Corium Z157 is the right answer to high-temperature, severe chemical, acid, alkali and other problem lubrication applications.
Use Corium Z157 for:

  • All Types of Chains
  • Conveyors
  • Hinges Locks
  • Valves
  • All Types of Rollers
  • Furnace Fittings
  • Outdoor Gas and
  • Water Fittings
  • Threaded Connections of Every Type.