Corium Z127 "Bolt Ease" Advanced Penetrating Oil

Corium Z127 "Bolt Ease" Advanced Penetrating Oil is the superior maintenance product that's quality formulated with special penetrants that actually carry the oil through the rust to quickly and efficiently free components.

  • Corium Z127 frees rust-frozen components in just seconds – saves you time and money!
  • Corium Z127 lubricates and protects metals parts from corrosion.
  • Corium Z127 is absolutely non-toxic and non-irritating without a nauseating odor.

Corium Z127 is the advanced penetrating oil that :

  • Eliminates breakage of rust-frozen threaded parts and time-consuming drilling and tapping.
  • Will not gum or harden when exposed to air or separate during storage.
  • Features absolutely corrosion-free action.

The result of extended laboratory research and on-site testing, Corium Z127 is the superior formulation that rapidly breaks down rust particles. Corium Z127 has an unquestionably effective double action on even the most stubborn and deeply ingrained solids.

Use Corium Z127 to quickly and effectively free-rust-frozen parts and components on virtually anything and everything from cars and trucks to factory machinery and production equipment to farm implements, molds and tools of every kind.

Use Corium Z127 in the repair shop and the shop floor or even in your home and office.

* Also available in bulk as Corium Z1270