Corium Z107 Battery Cable & Terminal Protector


Corium Z107 Battery Terminal & Cables Protector is a specially refined compound in aerosol from developed specially to control damaging corrosion and shield and maintain lead acid battery cables and terminals.

  • Corium Z107 is a super convenient aerosol taht protects and preserves battery cables nad terminals.
  • Corium Z107 seals electrical power in and damaging, power-robbing corrosion out.
  • Corium Z107 is safe, simple and economical to use - perfect for small,medium and large car truck fleets!


Corium Z107 is the superior battery terminal and cable protector that:

  • Forms a protective,long-lasting shell that resists futher acid corrosion.
  • Is quality formulated with excellent plasticity to stand up to heat,moisture and vibration.
  • Features a distinctive colour that assures a simple visual record of battery servicing - missed areas are easily spotted.


Corium Z107 is advanced compound in aerosol form developed specifically to control corrosion and protect and preserve baterry terminals and cables in engines,machinery and equipment of all kinds.

Because of its exclusive formulation,Corium Z107 is reffered to by maintenance departments as an "important contribution to battery servicing".

When introduced to a national trucking companys fleet maintenance program,Corium Z107 cut battery maintenance costs dramatically.In the six months directly following the test,not a single battery was replaced.

Use Corium Z107 confidently on all lead acid batteries.

* Available in bulk as Corium Z1070