Corium Z102 Superior Paint,Ink & Vanish Remover


Corium Z102 Superior Paint,Ink & Varnish Remover is the scientific formulation that penetrates deep into existing paint,ink and varnish coating and quickly destroys the molecular attraction between the coating and surface materials.

  • Corium Z102 actually lifts and removes paint,ink and varnish fromvirtually all surfaces - you just wipe or flush coating away!
  • Corium Z102 is super fast and easy to use - clings tenaciously to vertical surfaces without dripping.
  • Corium Z102 contains absolutely no acids or alkalis - needs no neutralizing.


Corium Z102 is superior paint,ink & varnish remover that:

  • Strips without leaving gummy or harh to remove mess - easy flushed off with water or wiped off with rags.
  • Is completely safe to use on all metals,concrete or wood.
  • Is non-greasy and non-corrosive.


Corium Z102 iz a powerful and fast-acting stripper that can be quickly and easily applied to both horizantal and vertical surfaces.Corium Z102 requires no mixing,thinning,special tools or operator trainning to use.

Use Corium Z102 for:

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Marking or paint signs
  • Wood floors
  • Scotchite signs nad displays
  • Vehicle bodies
  • Railings and posts
  • Barricades and fencing
  • domestic applications
  • Traffic marking and safety paint
  • Painted glass and windows