Corium 95 Universal Germicidal Cleaner concentrate


Corium 95 Universal Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate is the super effective and efficient multi-purpose germicidal cleaning concentrate with outstanding four-way action.

  • Corium 95 features a superior formulation - cleans,disinfects,deodorizes and softens water to ensure the best results.
  • Corium 95 effectively kills germs on contact - suppresses future breeding of microbes for long-lasting cleaning action.
  • Corium 95 is absolutely non-toxic - its asfe to use on hands,metal,plastic and painted surfaces.


Corium 95 is the universal germicidal celaner concentrate that:

  • Employs high-energy emulsion efficiency to clean virtually all surfaces including metal,rubber,tile and paint.
  • Disinfects with efficiency characterized by Redeal Walker coefficient of 3 - its three times stronger than ordinary disinfectants.
  • deodorizes by attacking unpleasant smells at their source to leave a pleasant scent where applied.
  • Softens water with special softening agents that sequester hard water and enable detergents and cleaning agents to work more efficiently.
  • Approved by USDA for use as sanitizer in food plants.


Corium 95 is a remarkably effective cleaning agents that is super safe and easy to use.Use Corium 95 confidently in kitchens,restaurants,food plants,hospitals,clinics,laudries and any place that requires a superior germicidal cleaning agent.