Corium 85 Food Grade Machinery Cleaner

SPECIAL FEATURES                                                                                                                                                        

 Corium 85 Food Grade Machinery Cleaner is a renovator for food processing equipment and machinery.    

  • Corium 85 delivers excellent cleaning impact to equipment stubborn food stains.
  • Corium 85 save stimes - works great even on warm oven and equipment.
  • Corium 85 is food-grade approved and safe to use on all kinds of food processing plants.


  • Contain powerful sequestering agent that breaks down,dissolves and removes greases and soils.
  • non-flammable - meet all fire code regulations.
  • Formulated with no acid,no caustis soda and no ammonia.
  • Removes fire hazards caused by grease deposits.
  • Highly concentrated - economically superior for regular and through cleaning. 

USE FOR                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Corium 85 is powerful food grade cleaner specially designed to help professional cleaners, hotels, caterers, restaurant operator, food & beverage processing plants and commercial kitchens to perform the highest quality cleaning job in the safest ways.

They prefer to use Corium 85  for:                                                                                                Grills,Ovens, Deep Fat Fryers, Rotisseries, Barbecue Grills, Hood, Canopies, Vents, Filters, Exhaust Ducts, Fans, Counter Top, Splash Boards, Food Carts, Meat Blocks / Slices, Refrigerators, Walk in Cooler.