Corium 78 Gleaming Zinc Coating

CORIUM 78 Gleaming Zinc Coating is a convenient, anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistant, multipurpose, protective coating spray that forms an irresistibly aesthetic protective finish on ferrous parts & components.

  • CORIUM 78 features a shiny-gleaming-bright silver coating that is superior to common products which only produces a dull matt finish
  • CORIUM 78 is formulated with a proprietary package of zinc, aluminum powder, synthetic resins and a family of additives
  • CORIUM 78 delivers huge cost saving with reduced deterioration of parts & components


  • Silver-grey thick proprietary spray liquid drying rapidly to a gleaming silver coating
  • Superior high temperature resistance up to 350ºC
  • Performs by electrochemical protection while the resins form a physical barrier which shields against any external attacks
  • Dried coating can also be covered by other paints or varnish to suit all color matching needs

With its state-of-the-art shiny finish CORIUM 78 Gleaming Zinc Coating offers unique advantages on the repairs,
maintenance & protection of:

  • Automotive parts, e.g. mufflers, engines, low doors, couplings, car interiors; Trailers, frame of caravans;
  • Plumbing fixtures, e.g. pipes, drains, boilers, tanks, connections, supports, nut & bolts;
  • Buildings, e.g. metal frames, covers, door & window metal frames, verandas, garden shelters, anchoring;
  • Garage doors and mechanical parts;
  • Power transmission pylons.
  • For repair of damaged hot dipped parts.