Corium 54 Advanced Cooling Water Treatment Concentrate


Corium 54 Advanced Cooling Water Treatment Concentrate is the superior combination of corrosion and scale-inhibiting compounds formulated especially for the effective treatment of today’s closed recirculating cooling systems.

  • Corium 54 effectively inhibits corrosion & scaling in closed recirculating cooling systems while working to retard future scale build-up.
  • Corium 54 absolutely will not harm metals, wood and painted surfaces commonly used in cooling systems.
  • Corium 54 extends the working life of equipment and minimizes water consumption – significantly cuts operating and maintenance costs.

Corium 54 is the advanced water treatment concentrate that :

  • Is non-acidic and does not contain recirculating water pollutants such as chromates, zinc compounds and other heavy metals.
  • Has deep penetration to control the growth of scales – even in microscopic crevices.
  • Is compatible with commonly used additives – it will not harm your system.
  • Needs no special clothing or equipment for application – will not burn skin or emit toxic fumes.

Corium 54 is the advanced formulation that effectively keeps your water cooling system free from corrosion and powerrobbing scale deposits to extend the working life of your costly equipment and significantly reduce your operating and maintenance cost.

Use Corium 54 confidently to inhibit corrosion and scaling in air-conditioning systems, steam and ammonia condensers, water cooling systems and chillers.

Corium 54 is the dependable, effective and economical scale inhibitor that saves you time and money!