Corium 50 "Exothermic" Industrial Solvent for Drains


Corium 50 "Exothermic" Industrial Solvent for Drains is the highly activated, heavy fluid exothermic industrial solvent that quickly and effectively dissolves and disintegrates stoppages in sewers, pipes, drains and septic tanks.
•Corium 50 is fast-acting – highly concentrated formula yields superior exothermic action.
•Corium 50 gets results – penetrates and removes even the toughest blockages, dissolves grease, tress roots,  
  paper, rags and more.
•Corium 50 is safe to use – produces no combustible vapors as do ordinary sewer and drain solvents.


Corium 50 is the superior industrial solvent for drains that:
•Features an advanced formulation that is heavier than water  – travels downward through water in pipe to reach
 the point of congestion.
•Comes ready to use in liquid form – requires no mixing of powders or delays in waiting for powders to dissolve.
•Has unique "Jet Speed" action – works by powerful hydrolytic action to react with both water and the stoppage
•Saves time and money – does away with need for plumber and time spent cleaning up after messy overflows that  damage flooring, carpeting, furniture and fixtures.
The regular use of Corium 50 not only eliminates slow drainage caused by the gradual build-up of foreign materials in drains, sewers and pipes, but actually removes hard water scale that slowly chokes off the flow of drainage.
Corium 50 works through the combination of heat-producing and powerful chemical dissolving action to unplug drains that ordinary "openers" cannot faze. Corium 50 chemically dissolves grease, all organic materials and even sanitary napkins to get sewers, drains and pipes flowing freely.
Use Corium 50 directly on blockages. There’s no need to add water or chemicals to this highly effective compound.